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Trump thinks "elitist snobs" kept Melania off fashion magazine covers the past four years

Donald Trump, Melania Trump
Donald Trump, Melania Trump
Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP (Getty Images)

Michelle Obama graced the cover of Vogue magazine three times during her tenure as first lady. Melania Trump has not. And that fact is not sitting well with Donald Trump. “The elitist snobs in the fashion press have kept the most elegant First Lady in American history off the covers of their magazines for 4 consecutive years,” reads a tweet from Breitbart News that the president shared Friday afternoon. “The greatest of all time,” Trump tweeted, not making himself clear if he means Breitbart or his wife...or the elitist snobs? “Fake News!” he added, not making himself clear if he means Breitbart or the elitist snobs...or his wife?

Twitter being Twitter, commenters are now infighting, some calling Melania Trump “All the things they wish they could be,” while others point to the first lady’s anti-Christmas comments and anti-caring-about-the-kids-in-cages comments. (They also bring up her nude modeling past, but we’re not putting that in the same category. Do what you want with your own body.)

There is a bit of “fake” news going on here though: while Melania Trump has not been on the cover of any American fashion magazines in the past four years, she did actually appear on the cover of the February 2017 issue of Vanity Fair Mexico (as well as dozens of tabloids, alongside headlines about her toxic marriage and such). In contrast, Michelle Obama made her most recent Vogue cover appearance in the December 2016 issue, which debuted after the 2016 election.


We’re so glad this is what the leader of the free world is choosing to spend time lamenting since there’s nothing else going on right now.

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