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Well, that'll fix it: Twitter will hand Joe Biden the POTUS account on Inauguration Day

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The kingmaker speaketh: Twitter—the unofficial arm of United States political information distribution that also still seems to show us that GIF of the pig pooping on its own balls more often than we’d frankly like—has declared that it will be handing the official @POTUS Twitter account over to Joe Biden on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021. And with that, truly, the specter of insurrection, coup, and civil war that’s haunted America since the national election weakly shuddered its way across the stage earlier this month has dissipated like so much toxic beef gas floating through the halls of the West Wing: We got Twitter, baby. Certainly, everything else will follow.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Donald Trump, the accepted-by-less-people-than-we’re-super-comfortable-with loser of said election, will refuse to accept this overwhelmingly voiced decision by the people (who run Twitter), and will simply start his own POTUS account to continue the increasingly pathetic fight. (@Pootus and @Pooptus are both taken, but we’re sure the braintrust will figure something out.) It’s worth noting—and feels depressingly metaphorical—that Trump has never really used the account anyway; instead, @POTUS has spent the last four years retweeting stuff Trump blarts out of his personal Twitter. (Personality ain’t gonna cult itself, right?) Biden’s team will also get access to all the other official accounts of state, including @VP, @WhiteHouse, @FLOTUS, and more, symbolizing a true transition of power and a forging of a new American dynasty. (On Twitter.)

In recent days, the social media service has—after years of what critics and also just people with eyes have called behaviors that enable Trump’s various abusive excesses—finally started pushing back hard on his various lies, threats, and stridently stated demands for baby to get his bottle, most notably with a series of content warnings on many of Trump’s election-related tweets. These, in turn, have generated any number of decent to good-ish memes, showing that, yea verily, the system really does work.


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