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Archer's got a new cane, a new trailer, and a Sept. 16 premiere date

Sterling Archer is back—and back on his bullshit.

That’s the takeaway from today’s Comic-Con@Home trailer for the upcoming 11th season of FXX’s Archer, which comes alongside news that the long-running animated spy spoof will be premiering on the network on September 16. The eight-episode season—the first without creator Adam Reed handling the show’s primary writing duties—sees H. Jon Benjamin’s Archer out of his three-season coma at last, adjusting to a world in which Cyril Figgis, of all people, is now capable of beating him up.


It’s a juicy premise, especially when you factor in the hints that Archer’s old spy buddies have been thriving in the three years he’s spent unconsciousness (and, thus, not holding them all back). Of course, Archer’s not the kind of guy to let the personal growth of others—or workplace restriction on drinking or references to boners—get in his way, so we’re excited to see him back screwing things up, no matter what consequences may come.

Phrasing. God, that felt good. (Phrasing again!)