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Comedy Central, Hulu, and Amazon Prime pull Chris D'Elia's Workaholics episode

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According to Variety, both Amazon Prime and Hulu have pulled the episode of Comedy Central’s Workaholics where comedian Chris D’Elia plays a child molester, with Comedy Central itself having already pulled down the episode from its own platforms (which the network confirmed to the LA Times). This comes a few days after a woman on social media posted a thread accusing D’Elia of sexually harassing and grooming her when she was underage, prompting other women to share similar accusations against D’Elia and convincing Whitney Cummings—whose NBC sitcom Whitney was one of D’Elia’s first big TV jobs—to describe his alleged actions as a “pattern of predatory behavior.” She also said that she “won’t be silent” about “this abuse of power,” adding that “girls should be able to be a fan of a comedian they admire without becoming a sexual target” and “it’s the adult’s responsibility to be an adult.” D’Elia has denied that he ever “knowingly pursued any underage women at any point,” but apologized for getting “caught up” in his “lifestyle.”


In the Workaholics episode (which is simply gone from Hulu, with the streamer’s listing of the show’s first season just going from episode seven to episode nine), D’Elia played a man named Topher who befriends the main characters after they try to expose him for being a child molester. It doesn’t look like either Hulu or Amazon have released statements about the episode being removed, so it’s unclear if this will be a permanent decision. Meanwhile, the second season of You, in which D’Elia plays a famous comedian who preys on underage girls and eventually gets murdered, is still available on Netflix.

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