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As we all know, celebrities are to be treated with a level of respect bordering on worship. They are not, no matter what the entertainment tabloids say, like us. They are wealthy and influential, beautiful and exceptional beings who live on a plane higher than us mortals can ever understand. Thus, it’s very funny to see a comedian accidentally insult one of these demigods—a director powerful enough to make the world watch his Justice League movie twice—without knowing that his target could make or break their career in an instant.


After seeing that the “Snyder Cut” was in the news again, Kyle Rehl tweeted out an excerpt from a crowd work stand-up show that sees him laying into some movie director called Zack. After laughing at his name and how annoyed he sounded to have to say it when asked, Rehl finds out the guy he’s making fun of is a director, and that that director is Zack Snyder. He asks the audience to check on IMDB to see “how big I just fucked up” and then asks anyway if he could play Robin in one of Snyder’s movies. The video ends with a photo of Rehl and Snyder standing together, smiling—a sign that the comedian’s puny insolence did not anger Snyder enough to strike him down by summoning a thunderbolt from the sky or, like, blowing a whistle that summons an army of comic book movie fanatics.


If Rehl’s luck goes even further, maybe he will get the chance to play Robin after the leviathan Snyder Cut finally surfaces from the deep. After all, once people see that version and realize it isn’t the perfect movie they were hoping for either, it won’t be long until it’s time to start clamoring for the Snyder Cut: Director’s Cut that improves upon it by adding another couple of hours and a few new superheroes to the mix.

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