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Watch a Family Feud contestant bomb with stunning confidence

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Screenshot: Family Feud Canada

No other game show, barring perhaps Wheel Of Fortune, presents as many opportunities for competitors to completely whiff on easy answers as Family Feud. This remains true for the Canadian version of the show, which recently saw a contestant fuck up a response with a truly astounding level of confidence.


The relevant moment was tweeted out by @GoldAndOrSmith, but a longer version is available on the show’s YouTube page for those who would like a bit more build-up before watching the spectacular flameout.

Contestant Eve Dubois heads into the sudden death round to answer the game-winning question: “Name Popeye’s favorite food.” Dubois buzzes in and, without a moment’s hesitation, yells “Chickennnnn!” while doing a celebratory dance. Host Gerry Dee (best known in Canada for starring in the CBC sitcom Mr. D) bows his head onto the podium with disappointed surprise. The Dubois family reels in disbelief. One of them moans, “Oh my god.” A big red “X” slaps onto the board, buzzer screeching. The opposing Tomlin family’s representative, meanwhile, wins by taking the opportunity to say “spinach.” The Tomlins dance and hug as the Dubois family mourns their loss to the sound of happy outro music. All the while, Dee mocks the confident wrong answer dance he just witnessed.

Although this is more than enough on its own, Dee also responded to the tweet mentioned above with a link to the unused material filmed before the horrible “Popeye’s!” moment was captured.

Although he hasn’t yet reached Steve Harvey levels of visible soul-weariness, Dee shows the toll Family Feud takes on all its hosts in the clip. “You guys sucked at that one,” he says before a question reset in one instance. “Name something people dye,” he asks in another moment, only to lose a bit of himself as Dubois fails to summon an answer at all and Tomlin responds “Gunshot.”

As stunning as the “Chickennnnn!” answer may be, understand that it’s only a fraction of what Family Feud hosts endure on a regular basis. They are the sin eaters of the game show world. Thank them for carrying the burden for the rest of us.

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