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Today Reddit released its annual Year In Review, an always enlightening look at what the internet glommed onto in any given year. In the realm of TV, the winner was clear: People loved dunking on/mourning Game Of Thrones.

To be fair, people also loved loving Game Of Thrones. The top two TV-related subreddits in 2019 both dwell in Westeros (or Essos, one supposes) or just beyond The Wall. The top slot belongs to “Freefolk,” a sub dedicated to Game Of Thrones in which redditors felt free to criticize the series (and showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff in particular); The Wrap also notes that spoilers and leaks were up for discussion. Freefolk also raised well over $100,000 for Emilia Clarke’s charitable organization SameYou, which supports those recovering from a stroke or brain injury. It’s a very nice post that led to a very nice thing, and earned a mention in the introduction to the Year in Review post, right there alongside bread-stapling, that amazing paintception, and the death of Grumpy Cat.


The “Game Of Thrones” sub, a much more affectionate space, took second, followed by three reality TV subs: “The Bachelor,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and “Big Brother.” The most discussed movie of the year, probably surprising no one, was the dance of freedom, the death bells, the rising of The Joker.

Lest you think the Freefolk’s watch has ended, the fine people there are currently discussing The Wrap’s take on the sub. “That’s hilarious,” wrote redditor youcantunfrythings:

r/freefolk, a subreddit dedicated to Game of Thrones is now a subreddit that hates on Game of Thrones. If that’s the case, then so are all of the other Game of Thrones subs. Even the people over at r/gameofthrones have nothing good to say about the last season.

If anything, this has become a subreddit that mourns Game of Thrones and all of its lost potential.

They’re also still doing some pretty solid dunking:

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