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We’ve all heard the shady shit that the Church Of Scientology has been accused of, which makes it a little complicated when we’re all supposed to ignore that shady shit just because one of Scientology’s celebrity acolytes has a new Mission: Impossible movie or Handmaid’s Tale season in the works. Well, here’s some good news for people who don’t want to consider their feelings about scientology when enjoying media: Beck, who has long been associated with the religious-themed organization, now says he’s no longer a Scientologist—and maybe never was one, even though it sounds like he’s just fudging the truth about that. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Beck recently gave an interview to The Sydney Morning Herald in which he said that there’s a “misconception” that he’s a Scientologist, explaining that he’s not and that he doesn’t “have any connection or affiliation with it.”

Though, as THR points out, Beck was married to active Scientologist Marissa Ribisi (twin sister of Scientologist Giovanni Ribisi) for 15 years, and also his father is a Scientologist, and also in interviews he used to say things like “Yeah, I’m a Scientologist.” The Hollywood Reporter goes on to explain that he used to have a lot of positive things to say about the organization, like that its “ideals that are common to a lot of religions” and that there’s “nothing fantastical about it… just a real deep grassroots concerted effort for humanitarian causes.”


So apparently he’s not a Scientologist now and he says he never really was one before, but it definitely sounds like he was one at some point. Or maybe he didn’t literally get on the boat every Sunday, but he still held the ideals of Xenu Day in his heart whenever the holidays rolled around. Now, as he tells the SMH, he’d rather just focus on his music, like his new album Hyperspace, and do his own thing.

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