Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

While we were anticipating some of the announcements that came out of the Marvel panel at Comic-Con, the studio managed to sneak a few surprises up its sleeve. With the official confirmation of the fourth Thor film (the first Avenger to break the trilogy model, if you can believe it) came a pretty epic title, Thor: Love And Thunder. Director Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson were on-hand to break the news and while neither Hemsworth nor Thompson have read the script, they did note that the film would feature Valkyrie’s first moments as queen. (Tessa noted that Valkyrie’s first order of business was to find a queen, and we pray that is less of a joke and more of a promise.)

While none of that was particularly shocking, the surprise came with arrival of Natalie Portman, who was handed Thor’s Mjölnir with so much reverence. Not only will she be reviving her role as Jane Foster, but will also serve as the next Thor in the fourth film, just as Foster did in the comics. Alright, Marvel, you got us there.


Thor: Love And Thunder is slated for a Fall 2021 release.