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Amazon developing a Tom Cruise-less Jack Reacher series

Photo: Paramount

According to Variety, Amazon just picked up the rights to make a TV series based on Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books, with Scorpion’s Nick Santora writing, executive producing, and showrunning. This, naturally, will be unrelated to the Jack Reacher movies that Tom Cruise made, with the most recent entry—Jack Reacher: Never Go Back— coming in 2016 and failing to make much of a case for another sequel. Actually, the first movie didn’t make much of a case for a sequel, but we got one anyway.

Now, though, we can forget all about those movies and their very short interpretation of Jack Reacher in favor of this new series about the eponymous ex-military guy who now makes a living being a professional butt-kicker or whatever. Interestingly, this project is coming from Skydance Television and Paramount, both of which also produce Amazon’s Jack Ryan series with John Krasinski, so now they’re going to have both Jack Ryan and Jack Reacher on the same streaming service—with both shows being about guys named Jack who do military/spy stuff.


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