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Saved By The Bell cast swaps out Screech and Lisa for their spouses in new reunion photo

Screenshot: Instagram

For his first year or so as host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon was ardently campaigning to get the cast of Saved By The Bell to reunite. In the end, he managed to corral two-thirds of the original cast to take part in a goofy, nostalgia-laden skitthat Screech was nowhere in sight isn’t much of a surprise. It appears, however, that Fallon needn’t try so hard considering those very same cast members just decided to get together for dinner this past weekend like it was no big deal. Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen and Mario Lopez chronicled the get-together on Instagram, sharing photos and video from a dinner that also hosted a spectacularly bearded Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Elizabeth Berkley.


Thiessen’s “Friends forever…” caption is, of course, a reference to the timeless Zack Attack song, but, adorably, it’s also a reality for these one-time coworkers and their spouses. With the show’s 30th anniversary (and its inevitable celebrations) around the corner, could there ever be a chance of reuniting with Diamond or Lark “Lisa Turtle” Voorhies? It’s unlikely, what with Diamond being generally insufferable (and, um, criminal) and Voorhies enduring some struggles of her own. Still, we can all take joy in the fact that, after three decades, these Bayside High graduates still find time for each other, even if they like to pretend Tori never existed.

[via Deadline]

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