The world’s bees are disappearing, and the good-natured horndogs over at Pornhub would like to do something about it. As this safe-for-work-depending-on-where-you-work video explains, they’ve created a series of videos showing the important role bees play in plant-reproduction that also, this being Pornhub, contain gluts of human sex-noises and pizza delivery guy jokes.

Above, enjoy an introduction to PornHub’s Beesexual series, a “whole new genre of porn, dedicated to saving the bees.” The videos take footage of bees rooting through flowers to collect nectar, then add in voiceover from porn stars to make it sound like the flowers are getting off. Neat. Pornhub says for every click they’ll donate money to “bee-saving charities.”


“Nature is beesexual—not bisexual, beesexual—which means most plants and trees rely on bees to have sex and breed,” the video says, sort of correctly. Most plants in fact are bisexual, producing flowers that contain both a pollen-filled stamen and an egg-holding pistil. But, indeed, they very often reproduce via the help of pollinators, honeybees prominently included, and anyways, it’s a porn site, they’re trying their best.

Pornhub is no stranger to charitable efforts, whether it’s giving away a $25,000 scholarship or releasing a Coolio video. This isn’t the first time that they’ve gotten involved in environmental issues, either. A couple years back, Pornhub asked you to help pandas reproduce by, uh, filming yourself fucking in a panda costume. This time, thank goodness, they’re not asking you to produce any pornography of your own, but they do, at least, seem to imply that you’ll be cranking it to their educational films about honeybees. Hey, to each his own.


Anyway, you’ll come for the unsettling throbbing animated flower parts, but you’ll stay for the porn actors putting their all into some well-meaning comedy bits. We sincerely hope Kanye West enjoys learning a little more about bees.