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Yesterday, we reported that authorities had charged actors Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and at least 50 other rich dopes with participating in a college entrance-exam cheating scheme that helped their children gain admission to some of the country’s most elite universities. The details of the case outline a gross display of privilege on the part of these celebrities, who showed a wanton disregard for any sort of meritocracy in the admissions process. And speaking of unchecked privilege, let’s check in with A.V. Club favorite McMansion Hell for a look at these people’s ugly-ass homes.


Soon after the charges became public, McMansion Hell curator Kate Wagner dedicated a special post to the homes of Loughlin, Huffman, and William Singer, the CEO of The Key Worldwide Foundation and mastermind behind the multi-million-dollar scheme. Like many of the homes of the rich and tasteless, these estates are poorly planned, over-designed, and feature such aesthetically displeasing elements as “grass stairs,” “tub shrubs,” and a depressing horse painting.

Have a look below.


As this case develops, we look forward to seeing more of these architectural monstrosities, perhaps while their owners are doing the perp walk from their front door to the curb.

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