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According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Tim Story is in talks to make a live-action Tom And Jerry movie for Warner Bros.—and by “live-action” we assume it means “CG cat and CG mouse.” We don’t know anything else about this movie, but seeing as how it’s based on the old Tom And Jerry cartoons, we can assume it’ll be about a cat who has been instructed by his owner to keep the house/baby/chocolate factory safe from a rampaging mouse who insists on fucking everything up.


Anyway, we’re more interested in talking about Tim Story, since he has had a real roller coaster of a career. He made Barbershop, which was a hit, but then he made that awful Jimmy Fallon Taxi movie, the (old) bad Fantastic Four movie, the bad sequel to the Fantastic Four movie, and then some other big stuff like Think Like A Man, the two Ride Along movies and the upcoming Shaft reboot. Now he might make Tom And Jerry, which seems like it’s coming from out of nowhere. Apparently the studios just find him very trustworthy, which probably means he’s good at coming in under budget (not to mention that he’s good at repeatedly working with noted moneymaker Kevin Hart).

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