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We’ve got nothing against celebrities falling in love here at The A.V. Club, as evidenced by our breathless coverage of the Chris Evans/Jenny Slate breakup and the secret Scott Pilgrim romance, but sometimes it’s nice when celebrities talk about something other than the celebrity they’re in love with. Honestly, we’ve got nothing against Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, and him telling Howard Stern that “was jerking off to” Grande before they ever met is great, but we wouldn’t object to either of them talking about, you know, anything else for a while. Luckily, Davidson actually brought up another interesting topic during his interview with Stern, specifically his assertion that SNL legend Chevy Chase is a “fucking douchebag.”


This comes from Esquire, which quotes Davidson as saying that Chase is “just a genuinely bad, racist person” who is also “a putz.” He also notes that Chase has done “nothing” since 1983 because “everybody realized he’s a jerkoff,” and he says that Chase’s recent rant about SNL being “the worst fucking humor” was “disrespectful” to Lorne Michaels and everything that he did for Chase. Esquire says Chase hasn’t responded, but if the Dan Harmon/Chevy Chase feud from a few years ago is anything to go by, he should be firing back with an angry voicemail at some point.

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