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Kevin Smith wrote a Kick-Ass spin-off comic about making a Hit-Girl movie

Photo: Jesse Grant (Getty Images for AMC)

This probably isn’t the “massive” mystery project he teased a month ago, but Kevin Smith did write a Hit-Girl spin-off comic based on the foul-mouthed kid from Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass series (and played in the crummy Kick-Ass movies by Chloë Grace Moretz). According to Deadline, Smith’s four-issue run is called Hit-Girl: The Golden Rage Of Hollywood, and it’s about Hollywood trying to make a movie about the eponymous little assassin.


Smith says he wrote most of The Golden Rage Of Hollywood while recovering from his heart attack, and even though he’s the one who wrote it, he says it’s a “must-read” for him because of the art from Pernille Orum. “Pernille’s style is like hot cocoa for the eyes and soul,” Smith says, “so I’m ecstatic she opted to lend it to our pint-sized, pre-pubescent Punisher.” The Golden Rage Of Hollywood will kick off in issue 13 of the current ongoing Hit-Girl series.

Correction: An earlier version of this story indicated that Smith’s comic would be about Hit-Girl killing Hollywood predators, a detail that our original source got wrong. Smith has posted a clarification on Facebook, saying:

Despite what Mark Millar said, my Hit-Girl arc is not about Hollywood predators - it’s about the making of a Hit-Girl movie. There are no jokes about the Me Too movement (obviously) or even references to real world horror stories.

The text of this story has been changed to reflect this. We regret the error.

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