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Any game show contestant has two goals: ideally to make money, but failing that, at least not to terribly embarrass oneself in the process. What we have here is last night’s Wheel Of Fortune contestant Jonny rather spectacularly achieving neither of those goals.

As seen in the clip above, Jonny has the entire phrase “flamenco dance lessons” spelled out on the board in front of him. All Jonny has to do is say the words “flamenco dance lessons” aloud and he will be awarded $7,100 for his efforts. Jonny does not say “flamenco dance lessons.” What Jonny says, quite clearly, is “flamingo dance lessons.” Jonny is extremely confused as Pat Sajak somberly informs him of his incorrect response and subsequent bankruptcy. Ashley, who is up next, does say “flamenco dance lessons,” and accordingly she gets the money. At this point Sajak explains the error to Jonny, and his soul vacates his body, never to return.


To be fair, this is something of a rough one, because “flamenco” does mean “flamingo” in Spanish. However, as pointed out by website-that-apparently-exists flamenconotflamingo.com, the dance is always referred to as “flamenco,” even in English. Also, the correct phrase was written out directly in fucking front of him.

Ironically, in addition to losing the $7,100 dollars, Jonny’s blunder also cost him a trip to Europe—where presumably he could have gone to see some great flamenco.

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