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13 Reasons Why renewed for season 3 at Netflix

They must’ve just heard the news they’re expected to come back.
Photo: Beth Dubber (Netflix)

Despite being kind of a mess, the first season of 13 Reasons Why was plenty addictive thanks to its mix of grounded high-school drama, out-there theatrics, and mystery. It was also hugely popular, so season two came along, continuing the “being a mess” part but without the addictive qualities. Apparently, the gambit worked—just not creatively.

Deadline reports Netflix has ordered a third season of the teen dramatics, with another 13 episodes set to premiere in 2019. It seems that swapping out a collection of cassette tapes for a series of testimonies and oh-so-ominous photographs worked out for the show, as did once more completely falling apart in the last couple episodes with some really unpleasant and gratuitous twists. Also, star Katherine Langford—who was frankly the best part of the show—won’t be returning for the next season, perhaps because Clay got some serious psychiatric help to stop interacting with a dead person. We’ll see if her absence forces a productive creative reboot on the show or if it just accelerates further artistic decay, perhaps culminating in a cheap and gross exploitation of sexual violence akin to season one’s low-water mark. Tune in and find out in 2019!


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