(Photo: Don Emmert/Getty Images)

Early this morning, President-Elect Donald Trump raged briefly on Twitter against the cast of Hamilton, after performers at the hit Broadway show addressed Trump’s soon-to-be Vice President, Mike Pence, from the stage during a performance Friday night. Now—in a move that in no way predicts some absolutely terrifying things about the temper of the presumptive leader of the free world—12 hours of stewing on the perceived slight don’t appear to have dampened Trump’s ire on the matter, because he hopped back on Twitter this evening to address the subject again. This time, his target was specifically new star Brandon V. Dixon, who Trump indirectly yelled at for rudeness, as well as being apparently unable to memorize the lines of his impromptu speech.

In an absolutely unprecedented move, though, Trump then seems to have deleted the angry tweet. (The President-Elect almost never deletes tweets, presumably because he’s already using the best and greatest words, and doesn’t want them to go to waste.) And while some little corner of our heads hurts at the thought that hate-tweeting-and-then-deleting about a Broadway show is now an established part of presidential news coverage, that does appear to be the world we’re living in.

Meanwhile, other celebrities have hopped on social media in the last 24 hours to address the #BoycottHamilton movement that’s been developing in the wake of this latest skirmish in the culture war. It may not surprise you to learn that, aside from a few supporters, most of these folks are having some fun at the idea that presidential outrage could match the staying power of Lin Manuel Miranda’s absurdly popular hip-hop show (and the inherent absurdity of boycotting a show that’s now sold out from now until 2126).


[via Consequence Of Sound]