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11-year old steals school bus, flips off the cops during chaotic joyride

According to The Advocate, an 11-year-old piloting a school bus led local cops on a joyride chase through the streets of Baton Rouge over the weekend. Not only that, but the kid—who, per the article, “was so small that he apparently had to stand up to reach the pedals”—managed to evade police for over half an hour, swerve around multiple spike strips, and flip off the damn lawmen along the way.

“...[A]t one point, the boy reached his hand out the window and made an obscene gesture toward pursuing officers,” recounts reporter Lea Skene, and though we can in no way condone this child’s reckless behavior, we can’t help but concede it to be pretty badass. 

Eventually, the kid crashed the bus into a tree and was peacefully taken into custody with no injuries reported. It’s unclear whether or not the anonymous child still remains in juvenile detention, but if so, we think it’s safe to say he’s the most respected kid on his cell block right now.


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