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11,000 marbles racing through an art machine could make you lose it

Jelle Bakker is a self-described “Marble Master” who specializes in creating art around Kugelbahn, or gravity-driven marble tracks. Watching the below new video of over 11,000 marbles roaring through this complex labyrinth of tracks and levers certainly suggests he’s earned that moniker. According to Bakker, the sound of the “Big Marble Run Machine” is deafening, and the next step in the project is noise dampeners, and glass panels (which would also keep pranksters from tossing gum into the track).

Of course, that won’t help you as you grow hypnotized by thousands of marbles cascading through slaloms and winding through chutes at high speeds. You may be reminded of the upstream migration of salmon to spawn, or the lemming-like herd of thousands of commuters during rush hour. Or that one time you spent 13 hours trying to get past level six of Marble Madness in the shortest amount of time possible.


If you’re into the Rube Goldberg quality of 11,000 marbles roaring through this intricate Kugelbahn, check out the other videos on Bakker’s channel. Or you could even go visit the installation at Monkey Town in Gouda, Netherlands.

[via The Awesomer]

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