During its brief tenure in the early ’00s, Black Eyes was one of the indie world’s most stunning live bands. But the Washington, D.C., ensemble, which released two ferocious albums on Dischord Records, broke up in 2004, leaving a legacy of jazzy, dub-inflected, avant-punk agitation that owed as much to Pere Ubu and The Ex as it did to D.C. forebears like Fugazi. Its members went on to form other groups, most notably the Touch And Go Records outfit Mi Ami, but Black Eyes remain one of the high points of post-millennial noisemaking. Today marks the 10th anniversary of Black Eyes’ final show, which took place March 26, 2004, at the Black Cat in D.C.—and to celebrate, Dischord has posted a recording of that show in full on SoundCloud. Or you can listen to it right here, in all its anarchic glory.