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10 Cloverfield Lane director helming an episode of Black Mirror

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in 10 Cloverfield Lane

Like Prometheus forever chained to a boulder and forced to suffer eagles pecking out his eyes in punishment for having given mankind the gift of fire, fans of Black Mirror will forever excitedly sit down to enjoy the gift of a new episode, only to lean back 60 minutes later and think, “Jesus, now I’m depressed.” The thought-provoking and soul-crushing series has become a cult phenomenon, one that has only grown in popularity since Netflix resurrected it from the dead by ordering 12 new episodes of the show about a dystopian near-future (or, in some cases, a pretty accurate current world). And now, another director has joined the ranks of those preparing to bum everyone out with stories about how technology has destroyed what little human connections we have left. Deadline reports the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane, Dan Trachtenberg, is set to film an installment of the new season.

The announcement of Trachtenberg’s hiring seems like a no-brainer for the series, given that his movie was not unlike a 105-minute version of an episode already, what with its paranoid tone, despairing view of humanity, and technologically-infused chamber-room drama. It would fit right in alongside other stand-alone installments of the show—only, you know, everyone sounds American. Trachtenberg joins the previously announced Atonement director Joe Wright—who’s directing an episode with Bryce Dallas Howard and Alive Eve—and Jakob Verbruggen, a TV veteran of shows like The Fall and House of Cards. Still no word, however, of just when you’ll get to cheerily sit down, watch the new season, and then want to kill yourself all over again.


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