Apparently some people in Cesena, Italy, really, really want the Foo Fighters to come play their town. To help convince Dave Grohl and company to make a tour stop in the city, a man named Fabio Zaffagnini spent over a year organizing a gathering of 1,000 singers, guitarists, drummers and bassists—which he dubbed the Rockin’ 1,000—to gather in Cesena for what is certainly the largest mass performance of “Learn To Fly” in history.

Even if you don’t particularly love “Learn To Fly,” it’s hard not to like this video. The conductor managed to take 1,000 musicians of varying degrees of professionalism and turn them into a tight unit, the drone camera shots are mighty impressive and everyone seems to be having a genuine blast.


As of right now, there is no word from the Foo Fighters camp as to whether or not they’ll be adding a Cesena tour stop.