X Factor contestant Rachel Crow, the budding teen superstar who found herself cruelly crushed mid-bloom under the stiletto of Nicole Scherzinger’s indifference, has parlayed America’s pity into a record deal and her very own show for Nickelodeon, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Although Crow says her elimination left her in a bit of an existential tailspin—“ I just found myself sitting home asking myself, ‘What am I going to do now?’” Crow says of those dark days when it seemed as though her life were already over, because she wasn’t immediately famous at the age of 14—she now has both her burgeoning TV stardom and an album deal with Columbia Records that she signed alongside her X Factor coach Simon Cowell, surprising everyone except those who heard Simon Cowell basically promise to do just that if she would stop crying. Crow’s life at Nickelodeon will begin with a five-episode arc on the excruciating, excruciatingly popular Fred: The Show, followed by a pilot for her own musical comedy series, all of which hopefully means we never have to see Rachel Crow freak out like this again.