Although dismal reviews and, according to some theorists, growing James Franco backlash has already doomed Your Highness to box-office failure, its likely swift disappearance from theaters apparently can’t come fast enough for the ironically named Christian Day, a self-proclaimed “real-life warlock” who has called for a boycott of the film for its negative portrayal of warlocks as power-mad tyrants looking to “deflower helpless virgins and rule the world.” You may recall Day as the guy who took issue with Charlie Sheen’s use of the word “warlock,” prompting him to cast a magic spell binding him from using that word anymore. Remember? This guy, radiating positivity and helpfulness, who is certainly not out to deflower virgins and rule the world, even if he totally could.

Anyway, since his anti-Sheen spell didn’t work out, Day is taking a more practical tack with his Your Highness complaint, simply calling on people to avoid seeing it so that Hollywood will finally “release more positive films about witches and warlocks,” and the public at large will finally wake up to the fact that they are not evil wizards capable of impregnating women with dragons, but rather peaceful types whose powers are limited to getting their complaints mockingly printed in TMZ every month or so. And just where were these people when Julian Sands was still making movies?