It’s been six years since Dave Chappelle fled his Comedy Central show, and since then he’s become the self-described “Bigfoot of Comedy”—popping into surprise stand-up appearances, his movements impossible to track, and leaving only a trail of mutilated deer in his wake. (Metaphorically speaking.) But according to a new, very unconfirmed report, he may be considering returning to television. Sort of. The Daily says that an “insider” has claimed Chappelle is working on a new show for a subscription service like Netflix or Crackle, one that would potentially allow him to work under his own terms, without the network interference that drove him away in the first place. Obviously, none of this is confirmed yet, but for what it’s worth, Crackle already hosts a program from Chappelle pal Charlie Murphy, and other sketch shows like Groundlings and Backwash. And Netflix, of course, continues to grow immeasurably in power. Who’s to say that at this point it couldn’t also raise Chappelle’s Show from the dead? Hopefully these rumors will at least flush Chappelle out of hiding to make a statement one way or another, and that’s when the net comes down.

UPDATED: EW finally got Dave Chappelle's management to make a statement on the matter: "Absolutely untrue," his rep says. "He’s enjoying his life, he has a new daughter and is just doing what he’s really passionate about — stand-up." They also added that if he were to return to TV, he'd probably do it on something "bigger" than a "niche" service like Netflix. "David Chappelle will rue the day he underestimated Netflix!" someone at Netflix is saying right now.