Tracy Morgan was rushed to Park City, Utah hospital last night after collapsing at Sundance, falling to the ground and losing consciousness shortly after speaking at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards. Initial reports from TMZ and The Hollywood Reporter hinted that Morgan’s condition was the result of substance abuse—with TMZ noting that he seemed “extremely intoxicated” and THR quoting sources who said he “seemed out of control, yelling and falling onto the ground”—but a spokesperson for Park City Medical Center said no alcohol or drugs were found in his system upon evaluation.

Representatives for Morgan—who is diabetic and had a kidney transplant in 2010—followed up with a statement explaining that his condition was just a result of “a combination of exhaustion and altitude” (which is the same excuse that our own Nathan Rabin gave for going to see that movie about Chris Crocker). Anyway, the important thing is that Morgan is stable and recovering, with friend and fellow actor Cuba Gooding Jr. telling ABC News, “He’s all right, he’s fine.” And Gooding played a doctor in the TNT movie Gifted Hands, so you can probably trust his diagnosis.