CBS’s plans to give its NCIS franchise yet another spinoff—this time involving sexy, exciting adventures against the colorful backdrop of New Orleans—now include Scott Bakula. Deadline reports that Bakula will assume the central role of Special Agent Pride, a man “who embodies New Orleans” in the number of musicians that can be found inside him nightly, and his iconoclastic method of assessing crime scenes by pouring rum on them until everything’s better. Also, “he’s driven by the need to do what’s right and does it all with warmth, passion, strength, and humor”—each of which we’re assuming are the names of his fellow agents. Like its spinoff predecessors NCIS: LA and the failed NCIS: Red, the new NCIS: NO (note: probably not its title) will debut first as a backdoor pilot two-parter on the flagship NCIS series, giving you your first chance to pretend it’s all just a Quantum Leap sequel where Sam finds himself trapped inside the confines of a formulaic procedural.