Hey, who wants some more ultimately frustrating updates on the Arrested Development movie that will probably never happen? Creator Mitch Hurwitz says he’s “about halfway through” the script and affirms, “We will make this movie,” while acknowledging once more that the only issue is getting everyone’s schedules sorted, something that would most likely require shooting the film over the course of a “month or less.” Also, it will be the first film shot entirely within America’s flagship city on the moon. Ha ha. Do we sound skeptical? We might be a tad skeptical at this point.

As has been reported many, many times before, the reactions of various cast members to the prospect of actually making this Chinese Democracy of TV-to-movie adaptations have ranged from totally gung-ho to openly scoffing to whatever dickish way Michael Cera has of dismissing it this week, but at least Hurwitz sounds pretty confident—although he has no delusions about its chances at the box office: “It's not going to be a big moneymaker. It's just going to be a fun family reunion." Sounds promising….again.