The proposed, Schrute-centered Office spinoff The Farm has so far introduced you to the myriad slacker brothers and wacky Nazi uncles that you may soon see on a weekly basis, because there is apparently no other choice. But aside from a heavens-petitioning, 'WHYYYYYYYYY?" the most persistent question has been, "Where's Mose?"—this regarding the one other Schrute we already know and might therefore feel less manipulated into spending time with. Mose, of course, leads a real life as Michael Schur, producer of Parks And Recreation and an upcoming cop comedy for Fox, meaning he's too busy to commit to the show fulltime. But according to TV Line, he will make at least one more appearance in the Office episode setting up the spinoff—and if Schur has his way, do so in a way that will ensure he never has to return.

Joking that he's "praying the Farm pilot revolves around [Mose's] funeral," Schur adds, "That would be the best-case scenario, I think. If Mose was in a horrible tractor accident, and he was chopped up into little pieces so that there was no way he could come back… I’d be really psyched." Naturally, Schur was quick to explain that he only wanted Mose to die because "I don't know how to act," not explicitly because he doesn't believe in the spinoff. Unfortunately, Schur getting his wish depends on the producers of The Office allowing something to die.