While it was assumed that Megan Fox’s firing from the Transformers franchise was the result of the age-old clash between churlish filmmakers and the feminist philosophy of the Spice Girls, the Daily Mail quotes Michael Bay as saying the ultimate decision came down to executive producer Steven Spielberg. After Fox was quoted in an interview comparing Bay’s tyrannical hold over his film sets to Adolf Hitler, Bay says Spielberg urged him to “fire her right now.” (In a response to ABC News, Spielberg’s representatives said he would not comment on the story.) What isn’t clear from the interview is whether Spielberg took issue with Fox publicly trashing her director, or the fact that she implicitly compared the Transformers film set to Nazi Germany—a subject Spielberg obviously takes pretty seriously. What is becoming clear is that ages from now, when future generations are huddled around makeshift bonfires of rubber and scrap metal as they hide from real-life giant robot predators, our descendants will lull themselves to uneasy sleep with the handed-down legend of what really happened when Megan Fox was let go from Transformers.