Jenny McCarthy—whose stint on MTV's Singled Out made her a fantasy girl for every dude in the ’90s, particularly if their fantasies involved girls making exaggeratedly goofy faces, picking their noses, and pretending to fart—is returning to her Viacom roots with a talk show for VH1. Titled The Jenny McCarthy Show (and not to be confused with her short-lived sketch comedy show of the same name), McCarthy’s third attempt at launching a chatfest sounds slightly different from her more serious-minded, occasionally Oprah-backed efforts of late, while also sounding remarkably similar to Chelsea Lately: According to Deadline, it will find McCarthy interacting with celebrities and guest panelists while “skewering everyone and everything in pop culture, news, fashion, TV, movies and the web.” For example, Jenny McCarthy could look at a news story about Kim Kardashian, and then satirically point out how she’s so dumb she probably believes that vaccines don’t cause autism. Then it’s just goofy face/wave away fake armpit odor/applause sign, aaaand we’re out.