Bradford Cox has been on quite a roll lately, creating beautiful music with his band Deerhunter (whose latest album Halcyon Digest was our 14th favorite album of 2010) and stranger but still gorgeous tunes with his solo project Atlas Sound. A new Atlas Sound track, "Terra Incognita," has appeared online in advance of the Nov. 8 release of Parallax, and it's really pretty, slightly weird, and totally awesome. A full album tracklist is below. [Via Pitchfork]

01 The Shakes 
02 Amplifiers 
03 Te Amo 
04 Parallax 
05 Modern Aquatic Nightsongs 
06 Mona Lisa 
07 Praying Man 
08 Doldrums 
09 My Angel Is Broken 
10 Terra Incognita 
11 Flagstaff 
12 Nightworks