In what will surely provoke the sort of rational, charitable discussions that are the hallmark of the show's viewership, TV Line reports that Patrick Wilson has been added to the second season of HBO's Girls, playing a doctor who eventually romances star and executive producer Lena Dunham. According to the report, Wilson's character lives next door to the coffee shop where Dunham's Hannah works, no doubt becoming taken with how Hannah's charming insecurities and general lack of direction offer an attractive respite from the pressures and button-down stability of being a successful physician, with their differences providing many opportunities for comedic musings that enrich them both. That, or Dunham noticed that the arguments over whether Girls is an exercise in self-indulgence had sorta tapered off and was like, "Screw it, I'm going to cast a handsome movie star as a big-shot doctor who falls in love with me" before spending the weekend gleefully refreshing Twitter.