At one time, former LFO member Brad Fischetti had a lot to say about girls, especially ones in the summer. He liked it when they wore Abercrombie And Fitch and thought they had it “going on” when they would “shake and wiggle to a hip-hop song.” Apparently he doesn’t like it when that wiggling results in unwanted pregnancy, however, as he’s now taken it upon himself to hang out and live-tweet outside Florida abortion clinics all day.

Both Buzzfeed and Jezebel are on the story, which involves Fischetti spending hours upon hours praying, taking photos, and yelling at patients outside the Orlando Women’s Center. He posts names of patients and staff, and tweets about how many people go in and out of the center on a given day, including about when patients are sitting in their car, or as he calls it, are “in the valley of decision.”


Fischetti also purports that all his prayers are working and that there have been several days when no women have gotten abortions at the clinic, though it’s not really clear how he’d know that. Somehow we doubt it’s from the nurse who supposedly told his fellow protestor, “We can't let them ‘2nds’ [trimester] get away. 2 much $ n them,” because no one would say that.

The lead singer of LFO, Rich Cronin, died a couple of years ago after a bout with leukemia. The other member of the band, Devin Lima, is a barber, according to one of Fischetti's tweets.