Flight Of The Conchords are back. In an effort to help sick children, the organizers of Red Nose Day: Comedy To Cure Kids tapped New Zealand’s fourth most popular musical act to write a charity song. The Conchords—who have either spent the past three years sitting in Murray’s office waiting for a gig, or being on hiatus while its members star in big movies— jumped at the chance, seeking out some cute, accented New Zealand children to help them write the lyrics. The result, “Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That),” details the plight of kids who have become sick by drinking too much bubble mixture and are “feeling lospital” in the hospital.

In an effort to raise “a million and a hundred and 10 and 21 dollars,” the group also enlisted a bevy of other New Zealand celebrities to sing on the track, like Dave Dobbyn, Boh Runga, Kids Of 88, and Luke Buda. (Others were reportedly unavailable to participate because they were “too busy lambing.”)


The single is available now on iTunes and Amplifier, will all the proceeds going to Red Nose Day.