Video games can teach us all sorts of lessons. “Crush turtles under your merciless boots, for they are your enemy.” “Follow the voices in your head without question.” “Kill everyone.”

Of course, not every video game is a violent murder simulator, designed by monsters to turn players into amoral sociopaths (and won’t somebody please think of the children?). Games can transmit gentler ideas, too—ideas like the value of persistence, the importance of friendship, and the joys of exploration.


These lovely posters, produced by Dorkly, promote some of those gentler lessons. Drawn from the worlds of popular games like Minecraft, Bioshock Infinite, and Skyrim, they emphasize values like self-confidence and a belief in the potential for redemption. You can see the rest of the series, including lessons taken from The Legend Of Zelda and The Last Of Us, at Dorkly.