Kamala “Ms. Marvel” Khan has quickly become one of The A.V. Club’s favorite new superheroes, thanks to her spunky personality, relatable social problems, and a Muslim background that allows writer G. Willow Wilson to explore a community that’s underrepresented in comic books. After using her shape-shifting powers to fight crime under the guise of her hero Captain Marvel (and getting shot at the end of last month’s issue), Kamala Khan starts forging her own superhero identity in Ms. Marvel #4, a process that includes donning her own costume, designed by Jamie McKelvie of Young Avengers and the upcoming The Wicked + The Divine from Image Comics.

This exclusive preview of next week’s issue shows Kamala infiltrating the base of a new villain terrorizing the streets of Jersey City by the name of The Inventor—armed with a fanny pack instead of a utility belt, because that’s just the kind of girl she is. Penciller Adrian Alphona and colorist Ian Herring provide the artwork, delivering more of the slick, hip visuals that have made Ms. Marvel one of the sharpest-looking books on the stands. Ms. Marvel #4 will be available in comic shops and for digital purchase on May 28.