With The Supreme Court hearing testimony about the Defense Of Marriage Act, social media has gone atwitter with Facebook icon changes and meme sharing about the topic. And while tons of regular, middle-class people are weighing in on a person’s right to marry, plenty of celebrities have voiced their opinions too, all in a variety of different ways.

Beyonce, for instance, posted a photo of a handwritten note to her Instagram, saying “If you like it, you should be able to put a ring on it.” Michael K. Williams, who played Omar on The Wire, also used Instagram to post a picture of himself in character with a shotgun and the caption “Oh, you tryin’ to tell me I can’t get married?”


Glenn Danzig tweeted that everyone should “get the fuck over it” and let there be “equality for all.” Tim Heidecker jokingly asked his followers to e-mail and call their “Supreme Court Representative,” a thing that doesn’t exist, and “ask them to support gay marriage.” Courtney Love tweeted that “equality rox,” and even Seth MacFarlane weighed in on Twitter, saying that “now IS the time for a broad ruling to make the leap into the 20th century.”

George Takei has posted three, count ‘em, three different variations of the Human Rights Coalition’s equality symbol to his Facebook page, including one with a Yoda quote and one that reads, “God doesn’t hate fangs.” It’s a fair bet that eventually he’ll post the Bert And Ernie version as well.