At a SXSW panel alongside Will Arnett and Jeffrey Tambor, Arrested Development producer Mitch Hurwitz was confronted with the terrifying golem he’d created out of vague promises and fan anxiety—a monster of expectation that threatens to devour this next season in one Netflix sitting, then immediately growl, “Yaaaaaarrghhh MOVIE NOW” for the film that still isn’t confirmed. “I’m confident that we will succeed at that,” Hurwitz said of a big-screen follow-up he believes will definitely get made and tell “the bigger story out there that does exist,” even though that story doesn’t currently have a script or a studio deal. Still, Arnett did his best to soothe the savage, never-satisfied beast: “We do have these fourteen episodes that are about to air, and people are already mad that we don't have the other. Nobody's even seen these. Let's just enjoy this for now,” Arnett said, an appeal to rationality that, frankly, has no place in any Arrested Development discussion. He's lucky the golem didn't eat his face.