Film School Rejects has news on one of the least likely projects to come out of Comic-Con: a possible sequel to Neil LaBute’s In The Company Of Men, the lightly comic farce about two incorrigible rapscallions trying to balance love, work, and ruining a deaf woman’s life. While promoting Battle: Los Angeles, Eckhart was jokingly asked about a follow-up, only to have him answer seriously, “I don’t know, [but] we’ve talked about it. We talked about making a Broadway show or doing a sequel to it.” He even added that he and LaBute have considered doing films “every 10 years [about] where [Eckhart's character Chad] is every 10 years.” (As to where Eckhart sees Chad in 10 years: “In rehab.”) Of course, the probability of this ever happening is about the same as The Wicker Man 2, but seeing as contemporary indie films like Happiness and Henry Fool got their own quasi-sequels, we suppose it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility.